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For over 20 years, Arturo has been providing hand drum lessons and percussion education to people of all ages and walks of life. Whether individual or group classes, or self-study courses, Arturo can help you become a more proficient drummer and percussionist. You don’t even need to live in the Seattle area to benefit – we offer hand drum lessons over Skype!



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I’m a student of Arturo studying Latin drumming.  He is an excellent teacher and an great artist.  I encourage anyone who is interested in drumming, Latin drumming and the soul of the beat this is the place to study.  If you love listening to an eclectic blend of music and rhythms go to one of his gigs.

Darryl T "Bear'

Drum Student

   Arturo is an excellent teacher.  I appreciate how he’s able to adjust the class to meet the needs of a range of skill levels – everyone is challenged, but not overwhelmed.  The classes also provide a great mix of approaches to learning including some theory and history, exercises, technique, group playing, and improvisation.  I highly recommend any of his classes or working 1 on 1 with him.

Demian Godon

Drum Student, Student- Monday

  Arturo is nothing short of an established congalista of the first class. Ive had the opportunity of learning, and seeing him drum. He is unique, in that he not only teaches you the essance of hand druming, he brings along a understanding and feeling of the culture that a particular beat has, which in turn, brought it to the point that your learning The man has depth.

Salvador Ramos

Drum Student

     I have taken online lessons from Arturo for about 1 1/2 years. He is an excellent teacher as he manages to project a very supportive and encouraging attitude while insisting on high standards. He is quick to point out mistakes but even quicker to applaud progress. What a great combination! My drumming has definitely improved in the time that I have studied with him. Because I live in Oregon, this would be impossible if I were not able to take lessons via Skype.

Kate - North Bend, OR

Djembe and Dun Dun Player, Bend All Women Drumming Group

    I have been playing percussion for fifteen years and often perform at large concerts and events. When I first approached Arturo, I needed assistance for a specific concert that was fast approaching where I was required to perform on three bata drums. I had the opportunity to discuss my needs with Arturo prior to the lesson. It didn’t take long to get into the groove of the class. I found his teachings to be perfect for my style of learning. He is clear and concise in his teachings and can pick up any weaknesses and strengths at a drop of a hat.

Arturo is a devoted musician and teacher and I have recommended his classes and books to other percussionist.


Toby Bender - Victoria, Australia

Professional Percussionist

  I was a traditional West African djembe and dunun player for 12 years before I started taking Skype lessons with Arturo to learn how to play the congas. He taught me how to be a better percussionist overall by helping me to understand and play all the various subdivisions underlying the pulse which ultimately led to improving my timing and opened up lots of new ideas and possibilities for soloing. He also taught me how to refine my technique to bring out my best possible sound in the most efficient way which helped increase my speed as well. All the skills I have learned from Arturo have applied to all the percussion I play. I recommend Arturo to anyone wanting to take their percussion to the next level.

Michelle Lovrich - Corvalis, OR


   When I met Arturo, we had a brief chat and I agreed to a Skype lesson.
Arturo, you listened to me explain my needs and then you were able to very quickly assess my skill level and start my lessons at precisely the place I needed. This is very skillful of you as I’ve been studying percussion and drumming for over Twenty years. Kudo’s! You’re a real pro and I’m coming back for more! Thanks,
Robert in Paonia, CO.

Robert "Peace" Wright - Paonia, CO

Professional Drum Kit Player,

   Nice article. Drumming truly is wonderful. Benefits of drumming are amazing, everyone should be doing more of this. Slows, down the aging process.

Darren P


  Arturo is the best drumming instructor I have met. He loves sharing his gift of music and drumming. His enthusiasm carries into his lessons and inspires his students. I would not study with anyone else. I studied drumming with another instructor and all I got a was a headache and decreased interest in drumming. Arturo works to share his love of drumming with students. I find Arturo’s drum lessons have a Therapeutic value, decreasing my stress and increasing my relaxation. My first choice for drumming education.

Anna Samuelsen - Enumclaw, WA

Beginning Drum Student

   Arturo offers drum classes in both a group and as a private. Group classes are the best way to learn how to work together as an ensemble, group dynamics and interactions as well as being very affordable. One on One or Private instruction is available for individuals who might be shy around groups or don’t like being around crowds. You may also have special interests and would like to learn at your own pace or maybe your highly motivated and are driven to learn, then private instruction is the best way to go. Come experience our day of church. Yes, that’s right church. We begin our church by learning and understanding some of the basic and universal concepts of rhythm and time. Then using simple coordinated group movement we combine hand – vocal exercises to facilitate and generate energy.



Professional Drummer

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