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Group Classes

These intimate class settings are a great way to learn drumming and connect with others. You will discover many concepts about music and the universal, unspoken keys to rhythm and independence. You will learn about improvisation, start to develop phrasing and the confidence to solo. Group classes are held in Sodo Seattle , Fremont, and Tacoma   

Note: Try any group percussion class for your 1st time for only $10.


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Private Lessons (Skype and In-Studio)

One-on-one instruction is the best method for special learning interests or needs, an intense and focused course of study, or even to overcome personal issues such as shyness or discomfort in large groups. If you fall into one of these categories or simply would like to learn at your own pace private instruction is the way to go. Private lessons are generally one-half or one hour long and include foundation concepts and exercises to improve your rhythm, coordination, sense of time, speed and mechanical independence. Speed in drumming is a function of good technique and training. The first step in your development as a drummer – no matter what the course of study – is to establish good technique. Independence is the ability to carry out multiple rhythmic tasks at the same time – hands, feet, and voice. Your level of musicianship is directly related to your ability to do independent work.

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