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Rhythm Ambassadors is a single, centralized source for music education, cultural awareness, community building and entertainment in the Pacific Northwest. Events are custom-tailored to work within your school assembly, artist-in-residence and after-school programs allocated budget. 

For pricing, call Arturo Rodriguez at 206.276.6401 or email him at  

What we do

Rhythm Ambassadors’ mission is to act as cultural emissary to people of all ages and communities by facilitating historical and cultural awareness through the language of music. History and culture come alive in an environment where participants feel connected and inspired. Programs are presented in English or in Spanish and are tailored in a format compatible for school assembly, the classroom, as an after-school activity, cultural awareness events and more.

Music is the universal language. We all respond to music with emotion and movement. And it is precisely because music elicits such a strong response that it is the perfect medium for bringing greater cultural and historical awareness to awareness to young audiences. The programs re designed with culturally responsive education systems in mind and have been shown to:

_ have positive side effects;
_ break down cultural barriers
_ create harmony, unity and cooperation through team building
_ build confidence through improved spontaneity and innovation
_ open the musical ear; and
_ provide a great source of entertaining and fun!

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Schools Assemblies

Persistance – The importance of the Art’s in school

Rhythm Ambassadors school assembly