Grandview Video 2017

Arturo Rodriguez & the Rhythm Ambassadors visit Grandview.

Arturo Rodriguez & the Rhythm Ambassadors visited Smith, McClure & HT on Jan. 30-Feb. 1. During Rodriguez’s visit he met with every grade level at each school for about 20 to 30 minutes each. During the visit he taught students a few simple dance steps and a little bit about rhythm. Then he held an all-school assembly, giving kids a chance to show off what they’d learned.

We would love to hear from you If you took part in any of our Rhythm Ambassador Programs this year.

Please, tell us what your favorite part of the program was or if anything stood out for you in either the residencies or assembly.

If you’re a teacher and think it’s ok for your kids to comment we would like that as well.

Thank you for participating and helping us bring culturally diversified interactive shows to your school. Use the form below. Please give us your name, grade you teach and the school your representing.

Arturo Rodriguez – Rhythm Ambassador 🙂

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